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Dental treatment under sedation

Dental treatment under sedation

Sedation is a pain management method designed to help the patient relax and put them to sleep.

A combination of harmless sedatives and local anaesthesia is administered to the patient intravenously, causing physical and emotional relaxation and sedation. The patient is put into a light sleep, reducing their sensitivity but without inducing unconsciousness. All vital reflexes remain intact during the procedure, and the patient is continuously monitored by the anaesthetist, as well as by various equipment assessing the patient’s condition and appropriate dosing of sedatives (hypnotics).

This method is comfortable for the patient and convenient for the dentist, as it eliminates negative emotions and painful sensations, allowing the dentist to do much more in one visit. Sedative medications relieve stress and anxiety, thus normalising blood pressure, which is especially important for patients with hypertension and dental anxiety.

Superficial sedation has very few contraindications and is safe for all except pregnant women and patients allergic to the local anaesthetic and/or suffering from myasthenia gravis (a neuromuscular disease).

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