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Kristina Serebrova


Dr. Kristina Serebrova

Dr. Kristina Serebrova is a dentist in the field of therapeutic dentistry. In 2017, Kristina graduated from the Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg at the Faculty of Dentistry. She successfully passed the accreditation of dentists in 2018, confirming her diploma at the University of Tartu. Subsequently, on the basis of the university, she underwent additional training (2017-2019) in the specialization of endodontics. Dr. Kristina Serebrova is very attentive and responsible for her work and helps the patient to choose an individual treatment plan Area of professional interests:
– Therapeutic dental treatment
– Endodontic treatment

Refresher courses:

2016 – Review of Contemporary methods of canal shaping and obturation, Russia, Moscow
2016 – Clinical aspects of everyday Endodontics, Russia, Moscow
2017 – New topics and accents in Endodontics 2016-2017, Russia, Moscow
2017 – Biological aspects in the prevention and treatment of pulp and periapical disease, Russia, Moscow
2017 – 3d röntgen hambaarsti igapäevases praktikas. Teeme keerulise lihtsaks, Estonia, Tallinn
2018 – Zen Course. Theoretical aspects of direct dental restoration, Russia, Moscow
2018 – IO Primary endodontic treatment. Institute of Dentistry, Russia, St. Petersburg
2018 – Hammaste valgendamine. Kõik mida olete iial valgendamisest teada! Dr. Andrei Akulovich, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Denis Krutikov. Front teeth direct composite restoration, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis in pediatric dentistry. Acute pain, Russia, St. Petersburg
2020 – Extreme in Endodontics: С-shape canals, Israel.


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