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Comprehensive approach

From hygiene to medical therapy – we will help you solve all issues related to health and aesthetics of your teeth and gums

Innovative technologies

Computerized equipment, modern methods of treatment and prevention

Accurate forecasting

Doctors use specialized programs to accurately plan and predict treatment results

Prevention of dental phobia

Comfortable armchair, attentive staff, modern methods of pain reduction, minimal trauma

Профилактика дентофобии

Beautiful teeth in the shortest time

Prosthetics, dental implantation, professional cleaning in just one doctor's visit due to advanced technologies

Красивые зубы в кратчайшие сроки

Experience and professional development

We follow innovations in modern dentistry, attend thematic congresses, and learn from the best

Опыт и профессиональное развитие

The Meerhof Dental Kliinik dental clinic

The Meerhof Dental Kliinik private dental clinic has operated in Tallinn since 2016. The center’s founders are three young ambitious doctors: Igor Tkachenko, Aleksandr Savchenko, and Vladimir Volkov. They combined their knowledge, skills, and experience to offer high-quality dental services to the inhabitants and visitors of Estonia.

The clinic’s mission and goal

Dentistry has been created by people for people

Love for the profession and the patients!
The main mission of all medical institutions is to help people, and their goal is to provide specific solutions to improve and preserve the patient’s health. We are committed to these principles too. And even more than that! We have distinctive features that allow us to be among the best dental clinics in Tallinn.

  1. Love for the profession and the patients! We live for our work, and get genuine pleasure from the possibility to find the best solution for you! We learn, practise, look for new approaches, and work on ourselves to be able to return you to healthy life!
  2. Enhancement of professional knowledge. We stay in step with the time, learn from progressive endodontists, surgeons, parodontists, prosthetists, and implant surgeons. In the meantime, we don’t copy the achievements of global dentistry’s professors, but adapt the obtained knowledge to ourselves and our patients.
  3. Considerate approach. It’s not only the scrupulousness in providing treatment or in handling instruments that is of importance here! We work with people who have feelings, experience sensations, may be afraid of dental procedures or interested to know the details of the treatment plan. The doctors and nurses are attentive to each patient, they answer all questions, and, which is the main thing, – they help the patients to overcome their dental phobia.

    The carefully selected medical staff highlights the clinic’s service and serious approach

  4. Innovative equipment. The modern dentistry is based on profound knowledge of human anatomy and disease etiology. The efficiency of our methods of treatment is achieved due to the use of digital microscopes, computer programs, milling machines, equipment for tooth cleaning and whitening.

Innovative equipment

The areas of dental services



Aesthetic dentistry:

Professional oral cavity care:

You can find the prices for the dental services at our clinic here.

Our staff

Everyone must have 4 personal specialists who they would trust completely: a hairdresser / hair stylist, a lawyer, a gynecologist / urologist, and a dentist

The doctors and hygienists at Meerhof Dental Kliinik are highly specialized dentists. When you consult them with a particular request: to cure your teeth or gums of diseases, to restore the dental arch, to have professional hygiene of oral cavity performed, – you can always rely on help from an experienced certified specialist. They know everything about the specific area of dentistry, and can solve your problem efficiently.


  1. Igor Tkachenko: implantology, aesthetic and functional rehabilitation, plastic periodontology, surgery
  2. Aleksandr Savchenko: prosthetics, including implant-based prosthetics, aesthetic dental reconstruction
  3. Vladimir Volkov: endodontics (professional treatment of root canals under microscope)


  1. Yuliya Lyubchenko: hygienist, dental assistant
  2. Vera Patsanyuk: dental assistant
  3. Yana Sipakova: dental assistant


  1. Anastassia Doronina
  2. Natalya Ukhanova

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