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The dental services provided by the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic are a complex of quick and effective solutions for the patient. We treat all the known dental diseases: caries, periodontosis, gingivitis, pulpitis, and so on. We take on complicated cases, we can restore the dental arch with retention of beautiful look and comfort. If you want to get a consultation or to undergo diagnostics, please fill in the request form, and we’ll contact you!

High-quality dental prosthetics at Meerhof Dental Kliinik

We will help you solve the problem of destroyed or missing teeth in 1-2 appointments. Thanks to the modern methods of dental prosthetics, the restoration procedure is performed in a quicker and more reliable way. Fixed constructions are created at Meerhof Dental Kliinik with the use of digital equipment, a milling machine, and durable materials. Our team’s professionalism, combined with proven protocols, provide excellent results.

Modern dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics Dr. Aleksandr SavchenkoThe lead specialist in prosthetics Dr. Aleksandr Savchenko has a comprehensive approach to treatment. The tooth restoration protocol looks the following way:

  • Consultation, diagnostics.
  • Planning and approval of the stages of treatment.
  • Discussion of the functional peculiarities, individualization of the restoration (size, shape, color scheme, fixation method).
  • Manufacturing of the orthopaedic structure.
  • Try-in and fixation of the restoration.

The digital scanner and milling machine come to the dentist’s aid. They enhance the precision of designing and manufacturing of the future prosthesis. This provides for excellent ergonomics: the patient feels comfortable when chewing and speaking.

The manufacturing technology and the materials used make the crowns durable for comfortable food ingestion. High-quality fixation of the structure provides for its long lifetime.

Types of fixed (non-removable) dental prosthetics

Dental prostheticsThe diversity of orthopaedic structures allows for choosing the optimum variant.

  • Microprosthetics is recommended when the hard tissues are damaged by 25% – 50%. In this case, the dentist suggests veneers or inlays. They help improve the tooth aesthetics, the chewing function is restored successfully.
  • Crowns (ceramic restorations) are considered when the osseous tissue is destroyed by more than 50%. A crown allows for restoring the tooth with finesse. The materials used are ceramic and zirconium dioxide.
  • Restoration in cases of partial or total tooth loss is based on implant-supported prostheses. For today, this method is considered the most efficient, long-term, and convenient one for the patient.

In those cases when the above-listed variants of tooth restoration are not possible, alternative prosthetics will be suggested.

During all the stages of dental arch restoration the patient wears temporary structures, which allows him maintain the habitual way of living.

High-quality dental prosthetics at Meerhof Dental Kliinik: durability of fixation, long service life, ease of care!

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