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The dental services provided by the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic are a complex of quick and effective solutions for the patient. We treat all the known dental diseases: caries, periodontosis, gingivitis, pulpitis, and so on. We take on complicated cases, we can restore the dental arch with retention of beautiful look and comfort. If you want to get a consultation or to undergo diagnostics, please fill in the request form, and we’ll contact you!

Dental treatment at Meerhof Dental Kliinik is a carefully designed complex of procedures, which is selected individually for each patient based on the diagnosed condition of their teeth and the desired result. Tooth filling is a basic manipulation that protects the coronal part of the tooth and the root canals against destruction.

Treatment planning

Installation of a filling into your tooth will not rid you of the problem if the causes of caries, pulpitis, and other diseases are “hidden”. This is why the dentists at Meerhof Dental Kliinik discuss the complex treatment plan with the patient before starting the therapeutic procedures.

The consultation, diagnostics, and therapy, especially in urgent cases, are done in one dentist appointment. If you need implantation, prosthetics, or tooth whitening, such procedures are scheduled in advance.

Dental treatment (tooth filling)The provisional treatment regimen:

  • Check-up and diagnostics of the condition of the dental arch and the oral cavity in general.
  • Examination (X-ray, CT, blood test for diseases).
  • Additional consultations with specialists (the endodontist, the prosthetist, the surgeon, the hygienist, etc.).
  • Direct therapy: tooth filling, endodontic treatment, implantation, manufacturing a dental prothesis, etc.
  • Hygienic procedures: plaque and calculus removal, sanation of chronic foci of infection.
  • Development of individual hygienic measures for oral cavity care at home.
  • Scheduling the follow-up visits for prophylactic procedures.

The advantages of complex therapy

  1. A supervising doctor works with you. The attending doctor explains the specifics and the purpose of the dental procedures in detail, tells you about the peculiarities of the materials used, and recommends consultations with specialized dentists. You discuss the basic plan and the cost of your dental care with the supervising doctor.
  2. It is efficient. The comprehensive coverage helps in quickly curing, restoring, and saving your teeth. From therapy to professional hygiene – you get the necessary aid at every stage.
  3. It allows you to save money. Timely complex treatment keeps you healthy, and saves you time and money. A dental problem can be solved in one dentist appointment. Then you should see the doctor once in every 6 months for examination and professional tooth cleaning.

The dentists at Meerhof Dental Kliinik provide consultations and diagnostics of dental diseases.

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