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The dental services provided by the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic are a complex of quick and effective solutions for the patient. We treat all the known dental diseases: caries, periodontosis, gingivitis, pulpitis, and so on. We take on complicated cases, we can restore the dental arch with retention of beautiful look and comfort. If you want to get a consultation or to undergo diagnostics, please fill in the request form, and we’ll contact you!

Our clinic is focused on highly qualified patient care. Therefore, we use dental treatment under a microscope. Certified Endodontist Dr. Vladimir Volkov specializes precisely in the treatment of root canals and takes on the most complex cases to save your teeth!

This means that you entrust root canals treatment to the doctor, who specializes in Endodontics. The doctor has a competent approach to solving problems with the patients’ teeth and ensures the following:

  • Restoring the functional properties of damaged teeth;
  • Manipulation carried out with minimal pain;
  • Long-term therapeutic effect.

Note: In many clinics and dental offices in Estonia, dental care involves therapists, whose area of knowledge is wide yet fairly superficial. Endodontist is a doctor whose task is to study dental canal problems as deeply as possible to significantly improve the quality of dental treatment.

What is Endodontics?

Root canals treatment under microscope
Continuous improvement of dentistry treatment methods, as well as the development of the pharmaceutical and technological industries has led to the emergence of a new direction in the dental care, such as Endodontics. Specialists of this area are engaged in theoretical study of dental canal pathologies and improve the methods of their treatment using a microscope and other high-tech equipment.

The equipment is used to:

  • Detect the orifice of all root canals.
  • Eliminate the infection found inside the root of the tooth (in all of its canals). To do this, the doctor removes infected areas of dentin and/or pulp.
  • Improve the bioavailability of drug products.
  • Give the root canals the necessary shape for further tooth filling.

Root canals treatment: Stages

Pulping space of the tooth root is represented by a whole network of canals, the diameter of which varies in the range of 0.5 – 1.5 mm and decreases towards the top.

Therefore, quality therapy for apical periodontitis and other pulp diseases is carried out with the help of optical equipment. All manipulations are performed using local anesthesia, which excludes pain during therapy.

Root canals treatment under microscope takes place in several stages:

  1. Finding the entrance to each root channel.
  2. Diagnosis of the root canals’ anatomical features (narrowing, bifurcation, fusion, etc.).
  3. Canal enlargement. This manipulation allows a thorough washing of the entire internal space of the tooth root and helps deliver the drug to the inflammation zone.
  4. Irrigation of the internal surface of the root canal.
  5. Drying.
  6. Sealed tooth canal filling.

Indications and contraindications

The following cases require root canals treatment:

  • All forms of irreversible pulpitis;
  • Apical periodontitis;
  • Traumatic tooth injury;
  • Tooth dislocation;
  • Some types of restoration treatment.

Experts do not recommend the use of endodontic techniques if:

  • The patient has negative periodontal prognosis for a certain tooth;
  • There are absolute contraindications to dental intervention (allergy to anesthetic, epilepsy, blood-clotting disorder, etc.).

Why Meerhof Dental Kliinik?

Modern equipment: Our clinic is equipped with a surgical dental microscope by Labomed (USA), which allows to examine the orifice and cavity of the root canals in the smallest details.

Qualified endodontist: Dr. Vladimir Volkov constantly improves qualification, participates in international conferences and programs, and shares experiences between clinics.

Loyal pricing policy: Cost of root canal treatment at Meerhof Dental Kliinik stands out for its affordability.

Take care of your teeth – make an appointment at the endodontist’s right now!

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