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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Not everyone has naturally perfect teeth. Various teeth-related issues are more common than you think and more serious than a simple cosmetic issue. Bite conditions often lead to tooth decay, impaired diction and chewing. Incorrect bite and asymmetry cause changes in posture, as well as headaches.

We always strive to make sure the procedures we use to maintain the beauty of your smile and dental health are as effective and comfortable as possible. That is why we use the best modern tool to correct malocclusion – clear polymer aligners by Invisalign.

With the help of the innovative 3D visualization technology, we can show you the entire treatment process before we even start! A set of clear aligners is made specifically for your teeth to gradually improve your smile.


Each aligner should be worn for approximately 1-2 weeks before being replaced by the next aligner from your set. During the treatment, your teeth will gradually move to their proper places. Your doctor will determine the length of the treatment process based on your individual needs.

Invisalign aligners improve your smile with a series of carefully controlled and synchronized movements. At each stage, only certain teeth are moved in accordance with the treatment plan. The aligners are nearly invisible, so no one will notice that you wear something on your teeth.

The aligners are removable, so you can continue consuming your usual foods and drinks throughout the treatment (make sure to remove the aligner first). You can also remove them to brush or floss your teeth. It is best to wear the aligners for 22 hours each day of the treatment.


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