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Orthodontics: aligners - straight teeth without braces

Orthodontic aligners are transparent removable bite splints for correcting the bite. They are a great alternative to braces. Therefore, doctors of the Meerhof Dental Center use them in the treatment of classic and complex cases in adults and children. The clinic uses Invisalign aligners, as the innovative technology precisely and gently corrects the location of teeth, giving an excellent predicted result.

Valentina Kulak

Dr. Diana Chebanova

The use of aligners

For orthodontic purposes
Aligners are assigned when it is necessary:

  • To correct the bite;
  • Remove gaps between teeth;
  • To eliminate crowding;
  • To correct a gummy smile.

We have had a case in practice when the use of aligners helped to correct jaw defects, and the patient did not need surgery.

If you have a difficult case or cannot choose between braces and aligners, consult our orthodontist. She will examine you and give you recommendations for treatment.

For aesthetic purposes

The result of using aligners – even teeth and correct bite — this is the aesthetics of a smile.

Also, aesthetic dentistry works with aligners to correct the bite before the planned fixation of veneers (for example, to preserve the maximum tissue of your tooth when facing it) or implantation (opening the place for implants).

Children’s orthodontics

We take children from the age of 8 years who have early signs of malocclusion: because of the narrow jaw, the teeth prevent each other from growing in the correct position. In this case, the orthodontist prescribes children’s orthodontic aligners, which expand the jaw so that there is enough space for new teeth. As a result, the child’s teeth grow initially correctly.

Also, removable aligners give an excellent result in the treatment of adolescent bite. The correction is relatively fast.

How orthodontic aligners work

For treatment of bite, a set of a certain number of aligners is used. In each pair of aligners, a new position of the teeth is planned. When you put on aligners, they cover the entire surface of the dentition and exert a gentle pressure on those teeth that need to be aligned to the desired position. To achieve results, aligners need to be worn 20 – 22 hours a day and replaced by new ones every 1 – 2 weeks.

The number of designs depends on how many stages are required to correct the bite. This is determined by the orthodontist, after digital diagnostics and treatment planning.

At an appointment with an orthodontist

When a patient comes to our clinic, he expects not only a professional solution to a dental problem. It is important for him to feel that his health will be taken care of, he will be explained what and why to do.

Therefore, the 1st visit to the orthodontist takes place in the form of a consultation conversation. This is also due to the fact that treatment with aligners requires discipline from the patient. And it is extremely important how ready he is for that.
2nd visit – digital diagnostics and treatment planning. Dr. at Meerhof Dental Center performs a tomography of the jaws, analyzes the location of the teeth and develops a treatment plan in a special program. At this stage, the patient learns: the exact cost of aligners and the approximate period of wearing them.

Then the doctor sends the data to colleagues In the laboratory of Align Technology (USA). This is where a personal set of Invisalign orthodontic aligners is created.

3rd session – getting an aligner. The attending doctor correctly puts on the first set and explains how to use them further. A control appointment is scheduled in 2 months.

How to wear aligners, how to care for them

You must wear aligners for up to 22 hours a day and remove them when:

  • When eating
  • Consuming hot and sweet drinks
  • When you brush and floss your teeth
  • When using mouthwash for the oral cavity

It is easy to care for aligners:

  • rinse them under warm running water in the morning and evening;
  • periodically use the cleaning agent for aligners, which can be purchased in our center.

Advantages and disadvantages of aligners

Aesthetics. Transparent aligners fit snugly to the teeth, so they are almost invisible.

Ease of use. Removable design allows you to maintain your usual lifestyle: eating, dental hygiene.

Comfortable wearing. Patients quickly get used to aligners, thanks to the soft, uniform pressure on the teeth and the absence of small, metal elements in the structure that can injure the mucosa (this happens with braces at first).

Disadvantages of aligners:
They work as long as you wear them. If forgotten to put on, worn fewer hours – achieving the effect is delayed in time. Aligners fail to give the desired result without proper discipline.

Aligners Invisalign — №1 in the market

Meerhof Dental Center chose Invisalign dental system from Align Technology (USA) since they have proven their effectiveness.

In 1998, Align Technology patented the technology of aligners, and is still the leader in the production of these orthodontic structures.

Advantages of Invisalign aligners

  • Made of durable polycarbonate. Hypoallergenic and elastic Smart Track material does not deform while wearing the aligner.
  • The company’s own research laboratory. 22 years of experience, which allowed us to collect a fundamental scientific, clinical and engineering base.
  • Continuous improvement of structures and technology.

Questions to the orthodontist:

Most often, the pressure is felt for the first 3 to 4 days, when you get used to the new design. Then comes the adaptation.
On average, once in 2 months. This is discussed individually with the doctor.
Depends on the degree of complexity. In the correction of one or more teeth, it is faster.
Nothing wrong. Put on the next pair of aligners. You will feel a little more pressure on your teeth, but it will soon pass.

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