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Eduard Sapa

Quote used as motto:

“A person has the right to be a bad artist or carpenter, but he has no right to be a bad doctor.” V. Ya. Danilevsky


Professional and Practical Skills
Comprehensive diagnostics, allowing to identify the reasons for the emergence of pathologies and develop individual treatment plans for each patient, based on the state of their dentition, general health and lifestyle.
Treatment planning (dental implant placement and prosthetics) with the use of advanced technologies allowing a patient to see the end result even prior to treatment procedure.
The use of digital technologies and a microscope, which enables to place implants and make dental structures with maximum precision, thus ensuring the longest possible lifespan.

Work Experience
1998 – 2011 St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 – 2016 Prague, Czech Republic
2016 – 2019 Pärnu, Estonia
2019 – present Tallinn, Estonia

Refresher Courses
Restoring the defects of hard dental tissues and teeth row defects with metal-ceramic dentures. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Spezialkurs IPS Empress. Ellwangen, Deutschland.

Implantology for dental orthopedists and technicians. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Orthopedic and dental aspects of handling with the ANKYLOS implant system. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Topical issues of dental implantology. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Implant prosthodontics. Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry. Moscow, Russia.
Concept, indications and handling of the ANKYLOS implant system. Frankfurt University, Germany.

Biomet 3i Professional Education Program. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Predictable results of implant prosthodontics. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Achieving better results in dental implantology. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Metal-free ceramics as a tool for successful dental practice. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Esthetic full-ceramic prosthetics. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Application of articulators and functional diagnostic systems. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The 2nd Baltic Implantology Symposium. Riga, Latvia.
Severe atrophy – tissue management. Riga, Latvia.
FDI annual World Dental Congress. Poznan, Poland.
Concept, indications and handling of the ANKYLOS implant system. Hanau, Germany.
Samples of cuts with the ANKYLOS implant system. Sinus lift techniques. Dental arch restoration. Tallinn, Estonia.
New surgical and prosthetic chair-sid implant solutions. Tallinn, Estonia.

Advanced training workshop on implant microsurgery. Riga, Latvia.
Art of soft tissue reconstruction. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The ultimate course on PRF technique with the new technologies of smart blood concentrates: A-PRF, i-PRF. Riga, Latvia.
Immediate implant placement and immediately loaded full arch restorations using Pro Arch protocol by Straumann®. Tallinn, Estonia.
Advanced CE-course for Baltic dentists “Implant esthetics: where are we today?” Basel, Switzerland.
Clinical guidelines and surgical techniques for implant site development. Budapest, Hungary.
The 1st Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium. Budapest, Hungary.

All in one step – intraoral surgery and implantology. Tallinn, Estonia.
Surgical guides for existing implant systems. Riga, Latvia.
Smile reconstruction. Tallinn, Estonia.
Successful implant treatment and handling complications in the anterior area. Minsk, Belarus.

Soft tissue defects around osteointegrated implants. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Prognozed bone augmentation in dental implantology. Tallinn, Estonia.
Vertical bone augmentation and bone augmentation of the defects of alveolar ridge. Tallinn, Estonia.
Introduction to the clinical system of Dr. John Kois. Moscow, Russia.
Practical aspects of implant prosthodontics for predictable results. Moscow, Russia.

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