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Outpatient treatment

Meerhof is an advanced dental center. Clinic of the future, which is already here.

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Aiming at receiving high-quality treatment in the field of dental surgery, we have equipped the operating unit with all the necessary equipment, materials, and technologies. After the operation, you will be able to relax in the Recovery room in the most comfortable conditions.


Dental surgery at Meerhof

  1. Comprehensive diagnostics (preparation of dental and medical history, examination of the patient, deep computed tomography, dental photo protocol, intraoral 3D-scanning).
  2. Digital treatment planning (modern software allows us to recreate the patient’s oral cavity as a 3D model and plan the stages of treatment and prognose the final result).
  3. Predictable results at the initial stages (digital technologies enable the patient to see his future smile, the colour and shape of teeth, and the doctor – to control the treatment process at each stage).
  4. The use of modern equipment (microscopes, lasers, surgical templates, anaesthetic equipment, electronic anaesthesia).
  5. The professionalism of dental surgeons and the team of anaesthesiologists (experience in performing complex operations, continuous professional development, work in leading medical centres in Estonia).

Patients have the opportunity to solve all dental health issues comprehensively in one Centre. And since 2021, the department of ENT surgery (operative otorhinolaryngology) has been launched at Meerhof. We perform operations on the nose and larynx.

10+ years of experience in implantology. Competencies: plastic, implantology, aesthetic prosthetics of teeth. One of the founders of the Meerhof Education Medical Training Centre in Tallinn. He acts as a speaker at dental conferences in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Moldova.

Dental surgery services at Meerhof

1. ‘Total Smile’ Makeover, or Comprehensive rehabilitation “All in one step”

In 1 appointment, you can remove the required number of teeth and put temporary teeth, and after a while, permanent crowns are installed for you. The ‘Total Smile’ Makeover service includes:

  • tooth extraction;
  • bone and soft tissue augmentation;
  • Installation of 6 or 8 implants (all-on-6 or all-on-8);
  • fixing temporary teeth.

2. Implantation

Restoration of one, several, or all teeth by installing a titanium implant in the jaw-bone and fixing the crown.

  • Simultaneous implantation is done in 1 stage:
    • tooth / teeth extraction;
    • bone, soft tissue augmentation, sinus lifting;
    • implantation;
    • installation of temporary teeth;
    • at the next appointment – the installation of a permanent tooth/teeth.
  • Delayed implantation involves multiple patient visits:
    • first, the tooth/teeth are removed, bone, gums are built up (if necessary), maxillary sinuses are raised;
    • after healing of bone and soft tissues, an implant is installed;
    • next, permanent teeth are installed.
  • Prosthetics on implants. To fully restore the jaw, we use all-on-4, all-on-6 or all-on-8 protocols. This is the fixation of a non-removable prosthesis on 4, 6 or 8 implants, which are implanted in 1 operation.

3. Bone and soft-tissue plastic

This service is necessary when preparing the jaw and gums for implantation, prosthetics on implants or as surgical treatment for various maxillofacial pathologies. We carry out:

  • build-up of the jaw-bone;
  • gum and soft tissue augmentation;
  • sinus lifting (lifting of the maxillary sinuses);
  • operations on the jaw to prepare for orthodontic treatment (installation of braces).

4. Atraumatic tooth extraction

Painless tooth extraction, including hard-to-reach wisdom teeth. The technology involves extracting the tooth from the cavity by separating the crown part. This ensures maximum preservation of the gums and rapid recovery after surgery.

5. Plastic periodontology

Reconstructive periodontics restores health and beauty to the gums. We offer the following procedures:

  • increase in gum volume;
  • elimination of gum recessions;
  • surgical increase in crown height for aesthetic purposes;
  • restoration of papillae;
  • preservation of holes after tooth extraction;
  • replacement of teeth.

6. Electronic anaesthesia

A new method of local anaesthesia. It is done using an electronic syringe through which a low-voltage electric current is passed. The effect of current on the gum blocks pain signals, and the patient calmly tolerates dental manipulations.

7. Treatment under anaesthesia

Dental surgery at Meerhof is provided with everything necessary to ensure that our patients are treated with psychological and physiological comfort. We paid special attention to treatment under anesthesia: we invited the best anaesthesiologists, purchased modern anaesthesiologic equipment and medicines, and took proven treatment protocols. Our patients are given the opportunity to recover after surgery in the Recovery Room.

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