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Dental treatment (Therapy)

Welcome to the Meerhof Dental Center! The main task of the dental therapist is to save the tooth. Therefore, dental therapy is the cornerstone of modern dentistry. Therapeutic opportunities in our clinic cover all the necessary directions so that your teeth are cured, restored and protected!

Timely therapy means the preservation of dental health for a long time.

We invite you to consult and diagnostics!

Dental Therapy at Meerhof DC

You can make an appointment with a therapist at the Meerhof Dental Center:

  • to eliminate caries at the stage of “white spot” without the use of boron;
  • for the treatment of deep caries, pulpitis;
  • to replace an outdated tooth filling;
  • for the restoration of a chipped, cracked tooth.


The patient is sent to the endodontist:

  • for inflammatory and infectious diseases in the root canals of teeth;
  • for the retreatment of root canals of teeth.

You can make an appointment with the periodontist of the clinic at the first signs of irritation of the gums (swelling, bleeding, pain, tooth mobility), as well as in case of inflammatory and infectious diseases:

  • for the treatment of gingivitis (gum inflammation);
  • for the treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of the soft and bone tissues that support the tooth);
  • with exacerbation of chronic periodontitis;
  • to eliminate gum recession.
The clinic has an experienced endodontist. His competence includes treating and re-treating root canals. The doctor uses a dental microscope, which allows him to clearly see the problem and cope with it. Spot treatment (under a microscope) is less traumatic for the patient, while the therapeutic effect is achieved quickly and efficiently. What you need to know about Dental Root Treatment:
  • After identifying inflammatory processes, we first prescribe endodontic treatment, and then proceed to the following stages: gum treatment, aesthetic dentistry or implantation. Root health is the basis of the health of the entire tooth and dentition.
  • The clinic uses digital technologies and high-quality materials, so that the patient is treated in the most attentive way.

We are happy to announce the advanced progress of modern dentistry that allows, with timely access to a therapist, to identify early signs of caries (spots on enamel) and eliminate them with the most gentle methods.

In difficult cases (deep caries), we also provide qualified assistance and can save the tooth from final destruction. If the visit to the dentist is late, when the crown is almost destroyed and the nerve or pulp of the tooth is affected, then endodontic treatment is prescribed, when the tooth is sealed, and its volume is restored with crowns or veneers.

Features of caries treatment and filling:

  • Early detection of pathology;
  • Opportunity to save the tooth from removal even in the late stages of caries;
  • Durable aesthetic fillings in the color of enamel.

Composite restorations 

Composite restorations allow you to restore the tooth’s integrity with maximum recreation of its color and shape. They are used in case of severe crown destruction, which allows the time delay of the need for tooth removal or prosthetics.

Specifics of this type of tooth restoration:

  • The composite inlay is made according to a pre-designed 3D template. Computer programs synchronized with a dental 3D scanner allow us to create an accurate digital impression, based on which the final composite restoration is made.
  • The composite filling is aesthetic, does not differ in color from the tissues of a living tooth and is able to last for many years if oral hygiene is observed. In cases of severe destruction, the restored tooth is covered with a crown so that it can withstand the chewing load.

Prevention and treatment of soft tissues occupy a special place because, according to statistics, 98% of people over 30 face chronic gum diseases. Neglect of discomfort in the gums leads to tooth disease and further loss.


Specifics of periodontal treatment:

  • High-precision equipment, high-quality anesthesia, and effective medications make gum treatment comfortable, even with the most advanced form of periodontitis.
  • Contact us even if the problem is not therapeutic but aesthetic: different gum heights, large papillae between teeth, incorrect frenulum. Plastic periodontics helps to solve these issues.

Our approach to dental therapy

Patients choose Meerhof Dental Center because they feel confident and find reliable support with us in matters of dental health. We have created a pleasant atmosphere in which patients forget about their fears and trust the treatment process.

Our task is to free the patient from toothache, return to a comfortable life and give a wide smile…


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