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Nasal conchoplasty (submucous conchoplasty)

Conchoplasty is prescribed by an ENT surgeon in cases where the deformation of the nasal conchae prevents the patient from breathing freely. Such an operation is aimed at reducing the volume of inflamed conchae without removing soft tissues, but with the help of ultrasound, which cauterizes the swelling.

Nasal conchoplasty (submucous conchoplasty) 2

Causes of nasal conch oedema

There are 3 pairs of conchae in a human nose: lower, middle, upper. Their functions are to humidify, heat and filter the inhaled air. Inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes may often occur due to:

  • chronic inflammatory processes which are provoked by viral / bacterial infections of the respiratory tract;
  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • allergies;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • regular inhalation of polluted air (gases, chemical vapours, dust).

As a result, hypertrophic rhinitis is formed – pathological swelling and proliferation of soft tissues, which over the years (especially in people under 20 years old) can lead to disorders of the development of the maxillofacial region (paranasal sinuses, septum and upper jaw).

Conchoplasty to restore healthy breathing

Diagnosis and Consultation

In-depth diagnostics, using intraoral scanning and computed tomography, allows you to identify inflammatory processes in the nose and nasopharynx. When drawing up a comprehensive treatment plan, if necessary, the ENT Meerhof Dental Centre gives its conclusion and prescribes an operation.

ENT surgery

To eliminate oedema and restore healthy breathing, submucous conchoplasty is prescribed – this is an organ-preserving operation that corrects the mucosa without removing it. To do this, the surgeon uses a special ultrasonic instrument – a plasma scalpel.

The manipulation with the diode is carried out under the mucous membrane, without touching the bone. Ultrasound affects the inflamed area from the inside, creating a micro burn that reduces the volume of pathological tissue, freeing the way for full air circulation.

Conchoplasty is performed under local anaesthesia. If the patient is afraid of surgery, we optionally offer sedation treatment that calms the nervous system.

Upon completion of the manipulations, cotton swabs are inserted into the nose, which are removed after 1 – 2 hours.

Postoperative period

Due to minimal trauma, the recovery period lasts up to 3 weeks. At this time, it is recommended:

  • reduce physical activity on the day of surgery, and after the 1st week, you can return to your usual lifestyle, focusing on well-being;
  • ensure proper humidity of the nasal cavity: rinse with preparations based on sea salt, use nasal oils.

Postoperative nasal congestion decreases within 1-2 weeks and even faster. If you have any questions, the patient can call the doctor for a consultation.

Conchoplasty and dentistry

As a rule, the pathology of the nasal conchae is detected at the stage of diagnosing the state of dental and ENT health, when the patient of the Meerhof Dental Centre is preparing for implantation, prosthetics or orthodontic treatment.

Otolaryngological diseases are often a contraindication to implantation, as they complicate the postoperative recovery process, and negatively affect the state of dental health in general.

You can solve these problems in one place – in our Centre. This is convenient and guaranteed to be effective, since some of the best surgeons in Estonia work here, and operations are performed using digital and specialized equipment, proven materials and treatment protocols.

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