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In-depth Computer Diagnostics

Meerhof Dental Centre is fully equipped with devices for comprehensive in-depth diagnostics of the patient’s dental and ENT health. We carry out examination, intraoral scanning, 3D computed tomography of teeth and photo protocol. The results allow us to accurately identify the foci of pathologies, make a comprehensive treatment plan and predict the cost of procedures.

Types of diagnostics at Meerhof

  • Intraoral scanning
  • Computed tomography
  • Photo protocol

Intraoral scanning

Digital scanning allows you to visualize the oral cavity in detail. The device reads the reflection of light from objects and transmits the data to a computer, where a special program converts the information into a three-dimensional 3D image.

The result of intraoral scanning:

An accurate, multifunctional three-dimensional model of the dentition and soft tissues.
A digital image is more convenient to use than a plaster cast, because:

    • More accurately conveys the anatomical features of the structure and position of the jaws, teeth, gums.
    • The doctor can change the viewing point, zoom the image directly on the computer screen.
    • The digital image is obtained instantly and is ready for further use, whereas the impression must be sent to the dental laboratory physically.
    • A 3-dimensional model can be printed on a 3D printer. This is how prototypes of crowns, fixed or bridge prostheses are created for fitting and surgical templates that are used during operations.

Computed tomography of teeth

In-depth computer diagnostics (CBCT) using the Carestream 9600 dental CBCT scanner provides complete information about the state of health of bones and soft tissues in the jaws and nasopharynx.

The scanner for cone-beam computed tomography of teeth and jaw is located in a separate special office. It should be noted that it is namely CBCT that is used at Meerhof, since this type of X-ray scanning gives a lower radiation load than the classic multi-spiral CT (MSCT).

During the procedure, the assistant helps the patient to fix the head correctly in one position. The scanner spins around him at 360 degrees, collecting voluminous information transmitted to the computer.

The result of X-ray tomography:

    • Panoramic picture of teeth.
    • Targeted X-ray with increased detail.
    • CT of 1-2 teeth.
    • CT of the upper and lower jaw.
    • A picture of the mandibular joint (closed and open).
    • CT of the temporomandibular joint.
    • CT of the paranasal sinuses.

The data allows the doctor to give you the correct diagnosis and choose the best tactics for treatment.

Photo protocol

At the stage of diagnosis and at each stage of treatment, photo protocoling of the external condition of the teeth, of the smile line and general facial features is used. To do this, Meerhof has arranged its own photo studio with special equipment and lighting.

The process looks like a normal photographing. For you, this is an opportunity to observe the dynamics of improving the appearance of a smile, the effect of “before” and “after”. For the doctor, it is an opportunity to correct aesthetic and functional aspects during treatment. Especially when orthodontic treatment is carried out, complex rehabilitation with the use of maxillofacial surgery, placement of implants, veneers.

The result of the photo protocolling:

    • Realistic photos of smiles, faces.

The cost of the in-depth diagnostics at Meerhof Dental Center

As a rule, the study is prescribed at the stage of the initial consultation, as well as during repeated appointment, when there is a need to double-check the patient’s condition.

The use of versatile diagnostics

You get a real picture of the state of dental and ENT health.

A comprehensive diagnosis and examination by a doctor give a general picture of the endodontic, periodontological, orthodontic and otolaryngological condition of the teeth, gums, oral cavity, nose and nasopharynx. The list of pathologies and possible risks help to better assess the situation and make decisions on further treatment.

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