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Ikenen plastiikka

Gingival plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that solves the medical and aesthetic problems of the patient. This service is used in plastic periodontology (aesthetic dentistry) and in preparation for prosthetics. In the clinic of Meerhof Dental Center, gum correction operations are carried out with the utmost care for the patient.

Appointment preceding plastic surgery in dentistry
The need for gum augmentation, as well as the removal of excess soft tissues, is determined by the attending physician: periodontist, orthopedist, implantologist, surgeon – after a thorough computer diagnosis.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Deformity of a gingiva, or a gum, due to periodontitis and periodontal disease;
  • Large/small volume or uneven contour of the gums (cosmetic problem);
  • Lack of soft tissue volume for implantation of a tooth or installation of a fixed prosthesis.

Treatment involves surgical operations of varying degrees of complexity, so they are performed under local or general anesthesia.

What is being increased?
In gum surgery: increase the volume of soft tissues with the help of a gingival graft taken from the patient himself.
For approximate prices for gum extensions at the Meerhof Dental Center, see the “Prices”.

Korjaava parodontologia

  • Gum plastic surgery during a recession

Some periodontal diseases provoke a gum recession — a decrease in the volume of soft tissues, and, as a result, the neck of the tooth and part of the root are exposed. This is a very unpleasant feeling condition, which is complemented by aesthetic discomfort. In the advanced case, gum augmentation (gingivoplasty) is required to close the painful areas of the tooth.

A gum defect is also formed when there is a violation of the attachment of the frenulum or a small vestibule of the oral cavity: the free edge of the gum departs, and a gingival pocket or recession is formed. Plastic periodontics helps in such cases as well.

Gum treatment with the help of augmentation (plastic surgery) is used to put a stop to the recession (ptosis) of the gums, eliminate hypersensitivity of the teeth that occurs when eating or drinking, prevent root caries, restore cosmetic comfort.

Aesthetic restoration

  • Gingival plastic surgery for cosmetic defects

Gingivoplasty is not only gum augmentation, but also the removal of excess soft tissues, correction of the gingival contour aiming to increase the volume of the tooth and make the smile more attractive. This surgical method is actively used for “gingival smile”, when pronounced upper gums catch the eye, and the teeth seem small.

  • Gum plastic surgery with implantation

Gum augmentation for the implant is carried out during simultaneous implantation or in the case when the operation is performed on the site of a long-missing tooth, that is, soft tissues have sagged in width and height. Surgical restoration of a dense gum protects the patient from periimplantitis – inflammation of the tissues around the implant.

Leikkauksen jälkeen
The doctor prescribes painkillers, antimicrobials, and antibiotics, issues a set for postoperative recovery.

The comfort of the recovery process depends on the patient’s compliance with the recommendations. Wound healing lasts from several days to several weeks. In the first 5 days, there may be swelling of the mucous membranes and face, an increase in body temperature.

General recommendations:
Be at rest, reduce physical activity, eat soft food at room temperature, avoid spicy food. In the area of surgery, do not use a toothbrush, carefully adhere to oral hygiene recommendations, including rinsing with an antiseptic solution and taking medications prescribed by a doctor in a timely manner. If you have any questions, call the clinic to seek advice.

Meerhof Dental Center Service
We take full responsibility to ensure that the patient feels comfortable. Therefore, we take care of you at every stage of treatment:

  • Consultation. During the appointment with the doctor, not only the information collected during the examination and diagnosis is reported, but the stages of treatment are explained along with showing a virtual visualization of the upcoming tasks.
  • Hoito.. During the procedure, qualified specialists work with you: a surgeon, a periodontist, an anesthesiologist, and nurses. Modern technologies are used which help operate on the patient meticulously. You are safe.
  • Postoperative support. Each patient of the clinic receives a medical kit, in which we have included everything needed for convenient oral care in the postoperative period. If you have any questions about care during the period of recovery, you can call the clinic for a prompt consultation or appointment.

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