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Professional dental care means a complex of hygienic and aesthetic procedures to eliminate plaque, tartar and age spots and to lighten enamel. Do you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth? Visit a professional hygienist every 6 months.

Meerhof Dental Center provides teeth cleaning and whitening services at the highest level!

Why do we need hygiene procedures?

Daily brushing of teeth – no matter how thorough it is – is not able to completely remove bacterial plaque and food residues that may “hide” under the gum or between the teeth. Especially if you smoke, wear braces or your teeth are crooked.

At the same time, the Meerhof Dental Center offers all the resources for quality oral care of the patient: 

  • The hygienist and assistants are professional in their field.
  • The most modern equipment and materials.
  • A comfortable, atmospheric office is conducive to immersing yourself in the procedure.

Enamel whitening is a great opportunity to make teeth more beautiful. Your smile will shine with freshness and whiteness.

What does professional dental care involve?

Teeth cleaning (professional hygiene):

  • Removal of concretions (stones) of various localization (above and below the gum) using ultrasound.
  • Polishing of enamel with professional pastes and brushes.
  • Removal of pigment from the crown surface using soda.
  • Professional oral care in the presence of implants or prostheses, orthodontic structures.

Whitening of teeth:

  • Safe enamel lightening up to 10 tones
  • Gentle bleaching with the latest equipment.

Visit to the hygienist of Meerhof Dental Center

By itself, a visit to a dental hygienist is a 1-2-hour-long, a one-time appointment for a preventive examination, brushing teeth and / or whitening. During the examination, the condition of the teeth is determined and if dental problems are diagnosed, then treatment is offered by highly specialized dentists. Only after that you can start professional enamel lightening.

Airflow® Prophylaxis Master Teeth Cleaning

This is the main procedure of professional oral hygiene. We use the most modern technology in the dental market – Airflow® Prophylaxis Master. Thanks to various tips, both the enamel and the interdental space can be cleaned, then polished qualitatively and as carefully as possible.

Read more about the steps and the procedure itself here.

Whitening of teeth – Zoom 4

This procedure is aesthetic and hygienic. To create a snow-white smile, we use safe ZOOM! Philips WhiteSpeed (4th generation). Careful attitude to enamel and gums.

For more details click here.


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