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Hygienic tooth cleaning is a complex of procedures intended to remove all kinds of plaque and to eliminate the causes leading to its accumulation. Cleaning restores the aesthetic appearance of the enamel and prevents caries development. The specialists at MeerhofDentalKliinik recommend doing tooth cleaning with AirFlow and ultrasound every half year.


Even thorough brushing of the enamel and of the interdental space twice a day cannot remove plaque completely. Over time, accumulations of soft deposits turn into hard concrements, which cause gum inflammation, excessive bleeding, and become the living environment for harmful microorganisms. In order to prevent tooth destruction and gum diseases, it is necessary to do hygienic tooth cleaning with a dentist at least once every six months.

The advantages of timely dental care are:

  • Prevention of development of infection processes in the oral cavity;
  • Hampaiden valkaisu;
  • Bad breath elimination;
  • Increased service life of protheses and implants;
  • Prophylactics of repeated calculus formation;
  • Erinomainen hampaiden valmistelu terapeuttisia toimenpiteitä ja proteesia varten;
  • Restoration of the enamel’s aesthetically attractive look;
  • Prevention of damage to the enamel and tooth necks.


The first stage of the professional oral cavity hygiene is removal of plaque and calculus using an ultrasound scaler. Due to the high-frequency vibrations, the manipulator tip destroys the dental deposits, which are washed off with antiseptic or water. Plaque particles are removed from the oral cavity through the saliva ejector.

The advantages of ultrasound cleaning are:

  • The universality of the method: the US scaler is used to remove all types of plaque, calculus, and pigment.
  • The quality of the procedure: the convenient manipulator cleans the visible surfaces and the periodontal pockets.
  • Prophylactics of bacterial exacerbations: the removal of plaque in the subgingival space and rinsing of the surfaces with antiseptic allows for destroying the focal points of infection.
  • Comfort: the treatment of teeth does not cause painful sensations, and the painfulness when cleaning the tooth neck is easily eliminated using an anaesthetising cream.

After removing the plaque, the dentist proceeds to enamel polishing using the AirFlow method. An aerosol containing purified water, fine-particle soda, and air, is supplied onto the teeth under pressure. The small size of the sodium hydrocarbonate grains excludes any aggressive action on the enamel. The dentist removes the remaining plaque with the aid of the AirFlow professional tooth cleaning, and polishes the teeth.

The final stage of professional tooth cleaning is covering the treated surfaces with fluorine-containing lacquer, which protects the enamel against the aggressive action of food.


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