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Dental equipment

Meerhof Dental Center is equipped with the most modern medical equipment to date: innovative, digital, safe for human health.

“Clinic of the future that has come”

From the reception to the surgical room, from interior details to the scale of thinking and experience of our doctors and assistants.

What Meerhof doctors work with

3Shape TRIOS 3 Optical Scanner (3Shape, Denmark)

Service: Intraoral 3D scanning

Purpose: to create a detailed three-dimensional model of the oral cavity


It is used in diagnostics and to create an ultra-precise color digital 3D model of the intraoral space. The scanner transmits the exact position, the ratio of the dentition and individual teeth, jaws, gum height, anatomical shape, tooth color, and so on.


3Shape TRIOS 3 is 3 in 1:

  1. The device quickly scans, digitizes data and transmits everything to a computer in the form of a high-resolution 3D color model. Replaces the plaster impression.
  2. TRIOS® technology detects enamel shades and gum color super accurately during scanning. This allows you to predict the end result even at the level of visual characteristics.
  3. The finished 3D images are sent in real time to the dental laboratory, which is engaged in modeling and manufacturing dental structures.


Based on these 3-dimensional models, a future smile is created in special software, surgical templates are designed and all the templates, mockups, and temporary crowns that are printed on a 3D printer, are ready for installation.

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner is also convenient for use due to its compactness and mobility.

Dental CBCT Scanner CS 9600 (Carestream Dental, USA)

Service: computed tomography (3D dental X-ray, panoramic image)

Purpose: to make ultra-precise maxillofacial and ENT imaging

The panoramic X-ray system CS 9600 provides in-depth computer diagnostics of the condition of the bones, soft tissues of the patient in the zone of the jaws and nasopharynx.

The scanner is placed in a separate room specially designed for radiography. CBCT is a cone-beam computed tomography. A distinction of such an X-ray from the classical multi-spiral computed tomography (MSCT) is that the innovative scanner provides less radiation load for patients.

CBCT scanner Carestream CS 9600 is 5 in 1:

  1. Two-dimensional panoramic visualization
  2. Cephalometric visualization
  3. Cone-beam computed tomography
  4. Three-dimensional facial scanning
  5. Three-dimensional scanning of the model

Results of X-ray tomography:

  • Panoramic picture of teeth
  • Targeted X-ray with increased detailing
  • CT of 1 – 2 teeth
  • CT of the upper and lower jaw
  • Snapshot of the mandibular joint (closed and open)
  • CT of the temporomandibular joint
  • CT of the paranasal sinuses

The multifunctional system creates an accurate picture of the maxillofacial and ENT space, and digital programs allow you to customize and process images in such a way that the doctor can solve the tasks faster.

Dental microscopes CJ OPTIK FLEXION (CJ-OPTIK, Germany)

Services: endodontic treatment of root canals, therapy and preparation of teeth, implantation, surgery

Purpose: optical accessibility and maximum visibility of the working area


The dental microscope CJ OPTIK allows the doctor to perform diagnostics and treatment more efficiently. Large diameter lenses eliminate distortion, provide the smallest detail of the surfaces. The advanced functionality of the latest generation microscopes does not just increase the view, but gives more opportunities:

  • the glare on the enamel of teeth caused by bright lighting is eliminated;
  • the sanitation of the oral cavity, the detection of caries and tartar is facilitated thanks to the fluorescent mode;
  • improved definition of restoration material;
  • improved lighting quality, it can be exposed at different angles.

Thanks to the high-precision detail of the microscope and the convenience of the equipment, the German manufacturer of CJ OPTIK received the award for the best design in 2017.

Epic X Diode Laser (Biolase, the USA)

Service: a wide range of applications, the main one is periodontal treatment

Purpose: disinfection, treatment, excision of soft tissues in the oral cavity


When using laser equipment in periodontics and surgery, the length of the emitted wave is important for optimal therapeutic effect: how much it disinfects the cavity, minimally injures soft tissues and provides the desired result.

As a rule, dental diode lasers have a wavelength of 810 nm. Biolase Epic X is 940 nm diode laser. This is the golden standard in dentistry! The device creates an accurate, short pulse of high power, which reduces the area of soft tissue damage during incision, evaporation, coagulation; improves the quality of sterilization of the procedure area (especially important in the treatment of infectious gum diseases); reduces pain for the patient.

With the help of the Biolase Epic X dental diode laser, we carry out:

  • Treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis
  • Removal of malignant neoplasms
  • Curettage and disinfection of periodontal pockets
  • Gum edge correction
  • Excision of the bridles of the lips, tongue, cheek cords
  • Removal of the mucous hood in the area of the 8th tooth
  • Plastic surgery of gum and soft tissue

Endoscopic video system IMAGE 1 H3-Z (Karl Storz, Germany)

Service: endoscopic ENT surgery

Purpose: optical access to the area of procedures

The Karl Storz IMAGE 1 H3-Z FULL HD video system is a three-chip video head with a control unit which provides uniform illumination and clear images in Full HD quality with increased brightness, contrast and the ability to change the color spectrum.

Endoscopic imaging allows for gentle operations (minimally invasive surgery) in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx. The doctor sees the lesion site and makes more precise movements without affecting the excess surfaces of mucous, soft and bone tissues. Thus, patients recover after the procedures within 2-4 weeks.

We chose the optical equipment of the German company Karl Storz as it is one of the leading manufacturers of video systems for endoscopic imaging in the world that offers truly innovative technologies.


ENT-shaver DrillCut-X II with UNIDRIVE S III ENT control unit (Karl Storz, Germany) 

Service: ENT surgery

Purpose: minimally invasive surgery of the nose and nasopharynx

Microdebrider DrillCut-X II (ENT-shaver) is a device with cutting nozzles for surgery in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx. Due to a rotating hollow tube with a blade at the end, excision of the affected soft tissues occurs with minimal seizure of healthy areas of the mucous membrane. The design of the shaver allows you to suck blood and removed tissue without interrupting the procedure.

The Unidrive S III ENT motor control unit from the German manufacturer Karl Storz allows us to program the shaver to perform specific manipulations. Thanks to this equipment, the surgical intervention is controlled.

Features of DrillCut-X II Shaver:

  • 5 models of shaver blades;
  • fixing the blade in 4 positions (at an angle of 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees);
  • oscillation and rotation modes;
  • regulation of suction;
  • low noise.

Features of Unidrive S III ENT motor unit:

  • large selection of handles for boron;
  • sinus boron up to 35,000 revolutions per minute;
  • powerful and high-speed motor;
  • shaver;
  • micro saw;
  • dermatoma.


Dentopen electronic syringe (Septodont, Switzerland)

Service: Electronic local anesthesia

Purpose: to introduce pain-relieving medication as painlessly as possible

An innovative method of anesthesia using Dentapen computer anesthesia from the Swiss company Septodont is an alternative to an injection with a conventional syringe. The electronic syringe, which looks like a kitchen lighter, has an extremely thin needle and a handle on which sensors and a microprocessor are placed.

Principle of operation:

The anesthetic substance is injected into the gum through a needle, while the process is completely comfortable for the patient. How does it work? The microprocessor on the handle of the syringe reads the resistance, density, temperature of soft tissues, the angle of inclination of the tip, of the needle and delivers the medication at an optimal speed. If you press the syringe harder, the drug supply stops, an audible signal is triggered.

Thus, the administration of anesthesia is fully controlled and regulated by the device, and when the medicine gets inside the gum, there is no burning sensation or bursting.


Dental Photo Studio

Service: Photo protocol

Purpose: to fix the visual condition of teeth, facial features at all stages of treatment

We have equipped our photo studio with all the necessary equipment: cameras, video cameras, special lighting and digital video and photo image processing programs.

A photographer, a video operator or a doctor takes professional high-quality pictures for accurate documentation of the stages of treatment – “before”, “during”, “after”.

This allows the doctor and the patient to track the dynamics of external changes:

  • How the shape or shade of teeth changes.
  • How the shape of the smile and the ratio of the smile and the face changes.
  • How facial features change, especially during complex reconstruction, implantation, orthodontic treatment or jaw surgery.

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