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Extracting a tooth painlessly, with minimal trauma to the soft tissues around the tooth, is possible. The dentists at Meerhof Dental Kliinik practice the gentle method of atraumatic extraction with the use of the A-PRF technology. The procedure is more comfortable for the patient, and the postoperative recovery happens easier and quicker.


After thoroughly examining the oral cavity and assessing the degree of tooth destruction, the dentist performs anesthetization (injection anesthesia). Then the crown is divided into several fragments using the specialized ultrasound device, piezotome.

With the aid of a piezotome, an instrument looking like a scalpel, parts of the tooth are separated from the soft tissues (the gum) and from the bone, and then removed using a tweezer or an elevator tool. The wound is filled with autologous fibrin membranes obtained with the help of the A-PRF.

Tooth extraction is always a stress for the patient. But after the appearance of the atraumatic method, even wisdom tooth extraction, which is complicated due to the location of the crown and roots, does not cause any discomfort now.


  1. Minimum risk of postoperative infection 
    The use of a piezotome and an elevator tool allows for minimization of soft tissue damage. And the fibrin membrane reduces the area of tissue defect and contributes to the quickest possible healing of the wound.
  2. Prevention of dental phobia (the fear of having your teeth attended to)
    High-quality anesthesia, a good comfortable chair, using innovative equipment and technologies, the dentist’s individual approach – this all helps the patient be relaxed during the manipulation.
  3. Pain-free tooth extraction
    Efficient anesthesia reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings to such an extent that the patient does not feel the tooth being extracted. Minimal trauma to the gums and using the A-PRF allow for the patient’s sense of well-being during the tissue recovering period.
  4. No jawbone deformations
    Careful separation of the tooth root from the surrounding tissues, and also bone defect correction with the aid of the fibrin membrane help preserve the natural relief of the gum.
  5. Preparation for implantation and prosthetics
    Due to the A-PRF technology, tissues build up much quicker, which allows for restoring the dental arch using implants or a prosthesis within the shortest possible time.


Full package of services. Our clinic will help you restore your missing teeth using implantation with subsequent prosthetics. The attending doctor will discuss the appropriate variant with you, and give recommendations on the oral cavity hygiene.

Innovative technologies. Our specialists are working to improve their skill and keep pace with the progressive world of dentistry. Practical application of digital technologies helps them design, forecast, and restore teeth with the highest aesthetic and functional effect.

Qualitative service. One of our personnel’s tasks is to create such conditions that would make the patients’ time at the clinic agreeable and comfortable, allow them feel relaxed and confident.

Providing a high level of service is important for us, but a happy grateful patient is even more important!


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