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Primary consultation in Meerhof Dental Center is an opportunity for you allowing to find out what modern methods can solve your dental problems, get acquainted with the clinic and its staff.

The first visit to the dentist involves a comprehensive check-up. As a result, you get a true picture of your dental health, a treatment plan, get familiar with the attending doctor and a personal manager who helps at all stages of your stay at the Center.

Initial consultation at the Meerhof Center

The consultation for the patient is arranged in order to provide accurate answers to all the questions. For this purpose, the visit is divided into 2 parts:

1st visit. An electronic record is registered, the patient’s medical questionnaire is filled in. Acquaintance with the attending doctor and the clinic. During the visit, the doctor listens to the complaints of the patient, and then refers the patient to a thorough computer diagnostics, which is carried out on the same day in the Center.

2nd visit. The patient receives the results of diagnostics and a comprehensive treatment plan with stages and costs list. The doctor shows a 3D design on the computer screen: how the patient’s smile will look after the treatment. During the second visit a decision shall be made about the treatment beginning. The patient meets his personal manager to discuss organisational and financial issues.

Consultation 4Meerhof Dental Center Case 2 – Implantatsioon. Kompleksne naeratuse taastamine - https://meerhofdk.ee/case-2-implantatsioon-kompleksne-naeratuse-taastamine/


Meerhof Dental Center carries out a comprehensive computer diagnostics:

  1. Intraoral 3D-scanning.
  2. CBCT Computer tomography.
  3. Dental photo protocol.

Consultation duration with diagnostics: 1 – 1.5 hours.

Treatment plan

Expert team including: endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, surgeon, ENT surgeon and a dental technician give their conclusion after the initial checkup of the patient and analyzing of the digital diagnostics’ results.

The attending doctor summarises the information, makes a list of existing pathologies as well as pathologies, which are likely to appear in the nearest future, and prepares a treatment plan.

A treatment plan is a step-by-step description of the dental treatments that need to be carried out so that the patient gets the desired result. Whether it is tooth treatment with fillings and whitening, fixing crowns or veneers, placing of dental implants or total smile reconstruction.

In addition to the information about the necessary cures, the treatment plan shows the cost of each stage and the treatment package as a whole. It is very convenient since the patient immediately sees the overall situation and it is easier for him/her to find time and financial resources.

Cost of a dentist’s consultation at Meerhof Dental Center

Price of a dentist’s consultation with diagnostics is 95 euros.

The price includes:

  • 25 euros – consultation of the doctor.
  • 70 euros – a comprehensive 3D tomography.

Intraoral scanning and preparation of dental photo protocols is included into the price of the consulting.

What the patient gets

Comprehensive diagnostics and checkup by the doctor give an overall picture of the endodontic, periodontal, orthodontic and otolaryngological state of teeth, gums, oral cavity, nose and pharyngonasal cavity. List of pathologies and possible risks helps the patient to better evaluate the situation and make appropriate decisions.

After the initial consultation, many patients radiate joy, because they realize: whatever problem they have with their teeth, everything can be fixed (!) and everything can be fixed with gentle, minimally invasive methods.

Computed tomography, intraoral scanning and photo protocols display a comprehensive picture, while a team of specialists creates a future smile design with the help of a special software.

Comprehensive treatment implies several visits to the Center. The plan fixes: timing of the visits, procedures and their cost, names of attending doctors. It is convenient for the patient and medical personnel.
One of the peculiarities of the Meerhof Dental Center is the work of a personal manager. He ensures follow-up of the patient: helps to plan a visit to the doctor in a timely manner, offers flexible financial solutions and is at a distance of a phone call at any moment. This gives any patient the confidence in being taken care of.

Consultation at Meerhof – is your comprehensive answer to all the questions you might have about your dental health! Come for diagnostics!

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Implantation. Comprehensive rehabilitation

Some professions save a person’s life, while others make it better. We are happy that we brought lightness, openness and smiling to the life of a professional in his field.

Implantation. Comprehensive rehabilitation

The joy of a musician is to give his music to listeners. Our joy is to return the musician the opportunity to create it again and present it to the public!

Veneers. Aesthetic Dentistry

Bright, active, feminine and self-confident. Our patient fulfilled her desire. It’s nice to be part of a dream and create a charming smile that makes her life brighter!