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Dental treatment (caries treatment, fillings)

We invite you to the Meerhof Dental Center for quality dental treatment. Therapy is carried out as delicately as possible. With us, patients forget about the fear of “treating their teeth. “This is helped by effective anesthesia, modern sparing methods, and a caring attitude by the staff.

If you feel uncomfortable, a seal has fallen out or there are visible signs of caries, hurry up to make an appointment with the dentist!

93% of people know what caries is.

As a rule, patients who already have the destruction of the tooth’s hard tissues come to the appointment since caries begin imperceptibly. Caries is a slow-moving tooth decay due to the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria and other predisposing factors.

Caries development is divided into four stages:

  1. Asymptomatic stage, a white spot appears on the enamel. This is a sign of demineralization of enamel under the influence of bacteria. There is a possibility of tooth treatment using remineralizing therapy. This includes the application of remineralizing gels at home for about three months and/or using micro-invasive therapy using ICO technology and / or micro-abrasion.
  2. Surface caries affects the enamel. A small cavity may form, and there are rare painful reactions to cold and hot food. For treatment, tooth filling or ICON therapy is used.
  3. Medium caries – damage to the dentin. The cavity deepens, and the sensitivity to stimuli becomes more pronounced. Treatment consists of removing carious tissues and installing a filling on the tooth.
  4. Deep caries – significant changes in the dentin. The cavity is extensive; as the dentin is soft, it is subject to rapid destruction. Most often, it is at this stage that patients come to treat their teeth.
  5. If you do not your teeth for caries, or you are late with a visit to the dentist, the destruction continues and flows into other, more serious diseases: pulpitis, periodontitis.

Visit to the therapist

Dental treatment involves restoring the integrity of the crown of the tooth, its anatomical shape. For this purpose, mechanical removal of affected tissues and filling of the tooth is used.

How the tooth is treated, and the filling installed:

    1. Diagnostics of the degree of enamel and of the hard tissue damage. Staining, a microscope, and 3D x-rays are used.

    2. High-quality pain relief. Local anesthesia is performed at stages III and IV of caries. Also, anaesthesia is used in the treatment of root canals of the tooth (endodontics). You will not even feel the prick itself, because the dentist applies a special gel to the gum, which reduces the sensitivity of soft tissues.
    3. Removing the affected enamel and dentin with a drill.
    4. Use of medication and a temporary seal if the pulp is infected. In this case, dental treatment may require 2 or more visits to the dentist.
    5. Tooth filling. A permanent seal made of composite material is selected to match the color of the enamel and has binding properties that protect the crown from further destruction.
    6. Grinding and polishing the surface for the usual closing of teeth.

Treatment of tooth decay can take from 30 minutes. In complex cases, more time is required. Sometimes general anesthesia (treatment under anaesthesia) is used.

After filling the tooth.

After the filling is placed on the tooth, the patient feels slight discomfort for several hours or days. This is a natural condition, especially when deep caries has been treated. We recommend avoiding cold and hot drinks and eating solid food. Give yourself time to recover.

If the pain does not go away, you need to contact the dentist again.

If caries appears, it will sooner or later destroy the tooth. Take care of your teeth now to preserve them as much as possible.

Filling can be part of a complex. In our clinic you will protect your teeth from destruction (professional cleaning), restore their health (therapeutic, endodontic treatment), aesthetic appearance (veneers, aligners, braces), restore lost teeth (prosthetics, implantation).


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