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Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to restore the volume of bone in the jaw. The dental method is often used during dental implantation when the patient does not have enough of his own bone to fix the implants, so a new bone is built from osteoplastic material.
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Bone grafting in dentistry

According to statistics, in 35% of patients it is impossible to restore teeth with the help of implantation without preliminary reconstruction of the bone tissue of the jaw.

Bone augmentation is prescribed by an implantologist or orthopedist when it is necessary:

  • To install implants if the volume on the upper and/or lower jaws is not sufficient;
  • Restore the aesthetics of the maxillofacial line, and to do this you need to align the architecture of the jaws.

Reasons for the lack of bone volume:

  • long-term wearing of removable dentures;
  • gum and periodontal inflammation;
  • cyst, inflammation in the area of the teeth roots or maxillary sinuses;
  • jaw injuries;
  • osteoporosis;
  • congenital anatomical feature.

Bone augmentation for dental implantation
In implantation, the sufficient thickness, and width of the jawbone where the implant will be installed is important. Digital diagnostics allows you to give accurate parameters of the jaw volume and to forecast how much is needed to work with implants. The doctor sees from the very beginning how much and where to add volume. Diagnostics allows you to design a treatment plan: stages, deadlines, and finances.

Sinus lifting as one of the most common procedures for bone augmentation
The surgeon prescribes sinus lifting if the bone volume in the upper jaw is not enough for a strong fixation of the implant. Restoration of volume is carried out in the back of the upper jaw by raising the bottom of the maxillary sinuses. Duration of the operation: 30 – 40 minutes.

Bone augmentation operations can be of a closed and open type:

  • The closed-type-method is used when the bone thickness is sufficient to obtain the primary stability of the implant, but you need to add a little volume. The addition of bone is carried out through the hole into which the implant is installed on the same day. The method is the gentlest for the patient and makes it easy to recover.
  • The open-type-method is performed when the thickness of the bone is not enough to obtain the primary stability of the implant. The surgeon needs wide access to add artificial bone. On the other hand, if the doctor implants a little artificial material, the implantation continues immediately. If a significant amount should be added, then it takes 6 to 8 months until the artificial bone is integrated. And only after that you can confidently carry out the installation of implants.

Such operations are performed under general anesthesia.

After the surgery
The doctor prescribes painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, gives out a set for postoperative recovery.

The comfort of the recovery process depends on how accurately the patient fulfills the prescriptions of the attending doctor. In the first 5 days, there may be swelling of the mucous membranes and face, an increase in body temperature. In general, wound healing lasts from several days to several weeks, and the assimilation of the enlarged bone takes several months.

General recommendations:

Be at rest, reduce physical activity, eat soft food at room temperature, avoid spicy food. In the area of surgery, do not use a toothbrush, comply with oral hygiene recommendations, including rinsing with an antiseptic solution and taking medications prescribed by a doctor in a timely manner. It is forbidden to take airflights for 30 days.
If you have any questions, call the clinic to seek advice.

For approximate prices for bone augmentation at the Meerhof Dental Center, see the Prices”.

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