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Dental treatment under general anesthesia

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia

General anesthesia, (so-called GA), or deep sleep, is used in dentistry for painless surgical intervention during placement of dental implants, bone augmentation, gums plastic surgery, or in complicated cases of teeth treatment. An innovative modern approach in teeth treatment under general anesthesia is a qualified experienced personnel + modern equipment + proven treatment guidelines.

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Our team of anesthesiologists-reanimatologists is our pride!

The role of an anesthesiologist is of great value. This specialist selects the type and dosage of medicines for each patient individually, prepares the patient for anesthesia or sedation (medication sleep is a type of anesthesia), monitors the state of health and important physiological parameters of a patient throughout the procedure.

Meerhof Dental Center has a team of top-level professionals, leading experts from the Regional Emergency Medical Care Center. Besides, they have experience in foreign clinics.

While you are sleeping calmly – we restore your dental health.
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Guidelines for teeth treatment under anesthesia

We use a developed in detail, verified set of measures, which includes a sequence of actions to be undertaken by anesthesiologist and doctor, high-quality medicines, and professional equipment.

Anesthetic drugs that are used nowadays are called “smart”. Their impact, the duration of anesthesia can be forecasted and controlled by an anesthesiologist. The patient is under general anesthesia as much as necessary for a surgical procedure or teeth treatment.

Anesthesia is introduced with an injection. Immersion in deep sleep is fast. Anesthesia passes away within 10 – 20 minutes. During this time, the patient is in the room for recovery. You can leave the clinic within an hour after awakening.

Reliable equipment

In Meerhof Dental Center, we have created the best surgery block in Estonia with anesthetic support at the highest modern standards. We installed innovative equipment from leading global manufacturers. Thanks to the accurate registration of vital parameters, specialists have increased control over the patient during anesthesia.

Contraindications for general anesthesia:

  • viral, infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, chronic asthma
  • cardiac pathology
  • endocrine diseases
  • hormone-dependent diseases
  • obesity

Preparation for general anesthesia

Treatment of teeth under anaesthesia has a number of contraindications and envisages certain rules to be observed during preparation for the procedure.

Preliminary preparation:

  • Inform your doctor what medicines you are taking and cases of allergic reactions
  • If overweight, then get rid of extra kilograms
  • Refuse smoking for 6 weeks before the treatment
  • If you cannot cope with this task, smoking is forbidden on the day of operation
  • Not to cover nails with a polish in order to facilitate the work of a pulse oximeter

Preparation for anesthesia on the day of  procedure:

  • Eat light food one day before the operation.
  • Eat and drink until 22:00 the day before the operation.
  • On the day of operation drinking liquids and eating is forbidden.
  • It is necessary to remove the hearing kit, lenses, and glasses.
  • You shall not wear bijou, jewelry, and metal products.

What is not recommended to do, after the general anesthesia passes away:

  • Drive a car and work with complex equipment where attention focus is required
  • Sign documents, make sophisticated decisions
  • Take medicines. If necessary, warn your doctor and he will tell you how to make it right
  • Drink alcohol

After anesthesia, you can eat and drink, relax, get engaged in easy activities, and enjoy life. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us.

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