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Igor Tkachenko

Quote used as motto:

“I am sure that someone can be really happy only when they love their profession, when they are enthusiastic about their work and committed to it wholeheartedly, when they feel that they are needed by the society, and their work helps people” (V. Bekhterev).

About Igor Tkachneko:

Igor Tkachenko is a third-generation doctor in his family. In 2008 he graduated from the Volgograd State Medical University, and enrolled in clinical internship at once. In 2009 he studied in clinical residency, and in 3 years he got his specialist’s diploma in restorative prosthetic dentistry. He has practiced medicine in Tallinn since 2012.

Dr. Tkachenko’s sphere of professional interests includes:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery;
  • Dental implantology;
  • Aesthetic dental prosthetics.

Owing to his skillful hands, qualified knowledge, and thoughtful attitude towards the patients, Igor Tkachenko does his work at the highest level. The process of curing or restoring teeth happens quickly, accurately, с minimum painful sensations. The results of the treatment will make the patients happy for many years.

Naturally the quality and comfort of dental prosthetics, implantation, or any other dental service is also provided with the aid of digital technologies and modern materials.

  • The operative microscope that Dr. Tkachenko uses in everyday practice enhances the quality of his work.
  • Only dental implants from proven European manufacturers are used.

There are several factors bespeaking Dr. Tkachenko’s professionalism:

  • The number of grateful patients who come specially to see him.
  • His colleagues’ respect.
  • Participation in medical conferences, advanced training courses.

But the main thing is that Dr. Igor Tkachenko does not simply work as a dentist but is wholeheartedly committed to medicine.


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