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Dr. Katrina Ershova 1



Quote used as motto:

When you feel that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal - change your action plan.

Dr. Katrina Jeršova

Doctor Katrina Jeršova

dentist, specialization: therapeutic dentistry.

Graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in dentistry in 2018.

Dr. Ershova is constantly improving skills and deepening knowledge in the field of her professional interests. This is confirmed by the number of advanced training courses passed by Katrina Ershova.

Professional interests:
– Therapeutic dental treatment

Refresher courses:
2019 – Second International Pediatric Dentistry Forum, (dr.A.Cameron, dr.M. Ashkenazi, dr.M.Semper, dr.F.Andreasen, dr.A.Zhuk), Russia, Moscow
04/06/2019 System rehabilitation of worn dentition, dr Radlinsky, Latvia, Riga
2019 – Adhesive cementations and direct restorations (dr J. Kaktys, doc. Dr G. Pileičikienė), Kaarli Hambapolikliinik, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Essentia – Innovative composite material in dental restorations (dr Valdas Vilkinis), Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Rubber dam in everyday practice (dr Dmitri Ruzanov), korraldaja Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Direct composite restoration of front teeth (dr Denis Krutikov), Meerhof Dental Center & MTI Dental Academy, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Estonian Endodontic Society “Teeth traumas – modern approach” (Eesti Endodontia Seltsi Kevadine loengupäev “Hambatraumad – kaasaegne käsitlus“) (dr Marga Ree), korraldaja EES, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Modern aspects of teeth discoloration removal, sensitive teeth treatment. Kaasaegsed aspektid hammaste värvimuutuste eemaldamisel, tundlike hammaste ravi- dr Andrey Akulovich
2019 – Eesti Hambaarstide Päevad 2019, Estonia, Tartu
2019 – Reconstruction of teeth and dentitions “Reconstruction of teeth and dentitions” by dr. Sergei Radlinsky, Riga, Latvia
2019 – From Orthodontist to General Dentist; Ortodondilt hambaarstile 2019, korraldaja Eesti Ortodontide Selts
2019 – 2D –Xray, analysis, and possibilities of panoramic radiographs; 2D-röntgenuuringud – panoraampildi võimalused ja analüüs- dr Piret Vilborn, korraldaja Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2019 – Increasing vertical dimension of occlusion using direct composite restoration Adomas Auškalnis, PhD., Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2020 – From colleague to colleague; “Kolleegilt kolleegile” – korraldaja Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2020 – Unimedi kevadkonverents 2020- korraldaja Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn
2020 – Orthodontical first aid; Ortodontia esmaabi koolitus, dr Dmitri Somov, korraldaja Unimed Kliinikud OÜ, Estonia, Tallinn 


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