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Sergey Saadi

Quote used as motto:

Your health is in your hands! Don’t wait for a disease to develop, but try to prevent it. Your healthy maturity and old age are what I will try to help you with.

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Sergey Saadi

When working with patients, doctor Saadi says we need a broader perspective about how to treat people, as classical medicine only focuses on the treatment of symptoms and very rarely on the causes of diseases. Sergey deliberately focuses on preventive and functional medicine. He tries to cover all aspects of human life, and understand what the cause of a disease is.

Don’t be surprised when you visit doctor Saadi and he asks you questions about your habits and eating pattern. After studying the patient’s lifestyle and considering the results of the examination, the doctor tries to choose the most appropriate treatment, advise measures that help to speed up recovery.


  • 2011–2014 – residency program in family medicine, University of Tartu
  • 2009–2010 – internship program in internal medicine, Volgograd State Medical University
  • 2003–2009 – faculty of general medicine, Volgograd State Medical University


  • In 2011, started work as a general physician in different hospitals and clinics in Estonia and Finland.
  • Since 2022, has been running a private practice in a new field in Estonia – preventive (prophylactic) and functional medicine.

Main direction:

  • a specialist doctor in family medicine

Other medical specialties:

  • a preventive medicine doctor
  • a medical expert assessing work capacity

Professional interests:

  • preventive medicine
  • slowing down the aging process
  • metabolic health
  • help in weight loss

A lecturer at seminars and conferences on online medical consultations (medical video consultations) in Estonia and Russia, as well as on the principles of digital medicine in Estonia.

He likes to read medical literature, solve interesting medical cases and mysteries. Goes in for sports: running, callisthenics, yoga.


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