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Quote used as motto:

„Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.“ (Leonardo da Vinci)


Dr. Anastasia Tonkikh is a highly-qualified dentist in the field of periodontology and therapeutic stomatology.

In 2004 Anastasia graduated from the State Academy in Tver with a degree in Periodontics and Therapeutic Dentistry. Later, on the basis of the Academy, she passed a clinical internship and residency (2004-2007) in the subspecialty.

Professional experience since 2004. Since 2012 she has worked in Tallinn.

Professional practical skills:

– Surgical and conservative treatment of periodontal disease

– Periodontal plastic surgery

– Dental treatment

Refresher courses:

2007 – Clinical Periodontology – PART I

2007 – Clinical Periodontology – PART II

2007 – Modern Principles of Diagnostics and Treatment of Periodontal Disease. Russia, Saint Petersburg.

2008 – State of the art techniques in periodontal plastic surgery. Russia, Moscow.

2016 – Workshop on Soft Tissue Sculpting and Periodontal Surgery. Russia, Saint Petersburg.

2017 – Perio Basics. Non-surgical Therapy and Treatments of Peri-implantitis. Russia, Moscow.

2017 – Perio Advanced. Periodontal Surgery and Suture Techniques. Guided Tissue Regeneration and the Use of Biologically Active Regenerative Materials. Russia, Moscow.

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