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Julia Ljubtšenko 1

head nurse

Julia Ljubtšenko

Quote used as motto:

“Believe the life as it is a better teacher than any books” (J. Goethe).

About Yuliya Lyubchenko:

Yuliya Lyubchenko is a highly professional dental assistant and a qualified hygienist. Due to the genuine interest in her work and to obtaining the necessary knowledge, Yuliya has brought substantial experience and constructiveness to the nursing staff of the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic.

The nurse has completed her studies at the following medical educational institutions and courses:

Basic education:

  • Tallinn Secondary Medical School (nurse)
  • Kohtla-Jarve Secondary Medical School (dental assistant)

Extended education in 2017:

  1. B. Shtorina’s training center in St. Petersburg:
    • A course in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy from A to Z
    • A course in Professional and Individual Hygiene
  2. The LAKS (Best Original Courses in Dentistry) training center in St. Petersburg:
    • A course in Professional Hygiene: Whitening.

When working with the clinic’s patients, Yuliya Lyubchenko relies on a qualified and constructive approach. In her opinion, it is the adequately selected treatment in combination with the accurate and systematic actions that gives the necessary results.

Nurse Yuliya Lyubchenko loves her work, and draws inspiration from her family, children, and communication with her friends.


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