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Uniform lightening of the enamel up to 10 tones. Meerhof Dental Kliinik offers laser tooth whitening using the ZOOM 4 White Speed system. This technology allows for achieving the following results:

  • The enamel becomes whiter after the first procedure;
  • The teeth acquire a healthy look and additional glitter;
  • Even if your tooth color is associated with genetic peculiarities, the teeth can be whitened by several tones.


Whitening always starts with preliminary cleaning of the dental arch from plaque and calculus. At our clinic, we use the AirFlow fine-particle aerosol that removes food debris and soft plaque, whitens the enamel, and peels the pigment off. Only after that, tooth whitening with the aid of the ZOOM 4 laser system can be started.

Stage 1: preparation for the whitening.
Time period: 10 days

  1. The hygienist examines your teeth and oral cavity diagnosing the condition and color of your teeth (according to the VITA scale).
  2. He cleans the coronal part of the teeth with professional brushes and pastes.
  3. He takes a cast in order to manufacture the splint.
  4. He explains you the rules of using the splint and the remineralization gel.
  5. During the next week, you follow the dentist’s recommendations.
  6. In 7 days, during a follow-up consultation, the doctor evaluates the results of remineralization.
  7. He schedules the whitening procedure in 2-3 days.

Stage 2: laser teeth whitening.
Time period: 1,5 hours

  1. The hygienist applies the whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, on the coronal part of the teeth.
  2. The gel’s action on the enamel is activated with the aid of the ZOOM lamp, which generates light waves of a certain frequency. As the lamp has a LED cold light source, the teeth and gums are not heated.
  3. The final stage: the dentist applies the calcium phosphate-based fixing gel and evaluates the obtained result together with you according to the VITA scale.


  • The crowns are whitened up to 10 tones in only 90 minutes.
  • A repeated whitening can be done in 6 months after the first procedure.
  • The enamel is lightened uniformly.
  • Due to the laser’s pinpoint action, there is practically no sense of discomfort during whitening.
  • The cold LED of the ZOOM 4 White Speed lamp makes the procedure gentle for the teeth and tissues as it does not heat them.

!Laser whitening should not be used in case if you have veneers, crowns, a dental bridge, or implants. We recommend that you consult your attending doctor.

Professional tooth whitening with the aid of the ZOOM 4 White Speed equipment is efficient. The preliminary cleaning using AirFlowenhances the quality of the subsequent whitening, and preserves the result for a longer time. Therefore you can view the procedure as a good way for improving the aesthetic look of your smile as well as for making your teeth healthier.

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