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Gnathological diagnostics and rehabilitation

Are you going to have orthodontic, orthopaedic, or surgical dental treatment? Then let us introduce gnathology and the wonders that it gives you. We provide gnathological diagnostics services in Tallinn.

Gnathology – what is it?

This is a new branch in modern dentistry. Gnathology studies the work of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), facial muscles and teeth. In simple words — how our jaws work and whether we are comfortable.

Gnathology allows you to understand where there are violations of the functions of the maxillary system: clicks, crunching, discomfort during mouth opening, pain in the ear and neck, asymmetry, which causes hypertonicity in the facial muscles, excessive pressure on the joints, incomplete closing of the jaws.

Where does the gnathological problem come from?

Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints accumulates over the years. As a rule, from childhood, then manifests itself vividly at the age of 30-40 years and increases in older age.

When a baby tooth is removed, while the molar grows, the dentition shifts slightly and there is a slight distortion in the closing of the jaws. The asymmetry increases with age. This is also facilitated by related factors:

  • fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges when installed without taking into account the anatomy of the tooth and oral cavity;
  • facial muscle spasms under prolonged stress;
  • prolonged absence of teeth in the dentition;
  • malocclusion;
  • injuries to the jaw, spine.

When a patient comes to install fixed prostheses, veneers, implants, wishes to put braces, aligners, it turns out that the jaw does not fully close, it is not very convenient to chew, and sometimes there is pain when opening the mouth. Thus the question arises — what kind of therapeutic and aesthetic result will be obtained from treatment with orthopaedic or orthodontic structures if the jaws do not close correctly.

Gnathological diagnostics and rehabilitation 2

Gnathological rehabilitation in Meerhof

That is why gnathological diagnostics and rehabilitation are carried out in our Centre to identify and correct functional disorders in the dental system.

Gnathological diagnostics can identify minor violations which are invisible at first glance but may cause inconvenience over time.

Stages of gnathological rehabilitation

  1. The first appointment with a gnathologist. Diagnostics – 1 hour
    • Initial examination and consultation of a gnathologist. The doctor examines the oral cavity, evaluates the closing of teeth, the tone of the chewing muscles, the presence of pain symptoms, the range of jaw movement and the width of the mouth opening. A 3D dental scan is performed using an intraoral 3D scanner.
    • 3D-axiography and analysis on the articular. Computer analysis of jaw movement using the IGNIDENT® DMD-System® device. The scan results accurately convey the trajectory of the movement of the lower jaw, the work of the joints when opening and closing the mouth, whether the closure coincides. Then a repeated 3D scan of the teeth is performed using an intraoral scanner.
  2. Analysis of research results, production of splint
    • A team of specialists analyses the diagnostic results, makes a conclusion, and sends digital models to the dental laboratory. The laboratory makes a special splint (a medical cap made of durable transparent plastic).
  3. Second visit
    • During the second visit, the patient receives a ready-made splint and wears it from three weeks to 4 months. During this time, a therapeutic effect is achieved, and the jaws are ready for the next stage of treatment.
  4. Further treatment
    • Depends on the purpose of dental treatment. After gnathological rehabilitation, you can safely start dental prosthetics or orthodontic treatment.

And last but not least: the correction of even minor asymmetry improves the result of prosthetics or orthodontic treatment. The patient feels this difference.

Gnathological equipment

Accurate diagnostics is the basis for forecasting and planning the result. That is why we make sure that our specialists work with the most modern equipment. Today, our Centre uses technology that is not available in any other dental centre in Northern Europe.

The IGNIDENT® DMD-System® 3D-axiograph is an apparatus which is essentially an electronic facial arc. It captures the work of the joints, the range, and mechanics of the jaw movement. The data is transmitted to the computer programme in the form of 3D-models and motion graphs, which are analysed by the doctor.

The IGNIDENT® DMD-System® software is a 3D-simulator, due to which the movements of the jaws are analysed according to the individual parameters of the patient. We especially would like to emphasize this fact since most of articulators’ work is based on averaged data programs: patient parameters are compared with the most appropriate variant of indicators. Meerhof specialists work with a more advanced system that processes and reproduces the parameters of a particular patient.

At the output, we get an accurate diagnostic results.

The result for the patient after rehabilitation

Wearing a mouth guard has an excellent therapeutic effect on the condition of the joints and facial muscles.

What do you get?

  • Readiness of the dental system for further dental treatment
  • Symmetrical closing of the jaws
  • Normalization of tone in the facial muscles
  • Elimination of pressure on the joints
  • Proper distribution of chewing load
  • Reduction of abrasion of tooth enamel and crowns

After 1 to 4 months, the patient is ready for serious orthodontic or orthopaedic treatment. In this case, the patient will especially like the ultimate result, and it is not only beautiful, even teeth, or correct bite that he is guaranteed but also a symmetrical jaw with well-established chewing functions.

The cost of consulting a gnathologist, diagnostics, you can see here.

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