Quick wound healing after a tooth extraction surgery, stimulation of osseous tissue neogenesis, correction of jaw defects before implantation and prosthetics manipulations: at Meerhof Dental Kliinik, these tasks are taken care of by the A-PRF technology. Plasma clots, which are obtained from the patient’s blood with the aid of it, are enriched in thrombocytes and possess the properties of activating tissue regeneration.

The advantages and effectiveness of A-PRF

Using plasma membranes starts the process of cell growth and division in the damaged tissues, improves blood circulation in the affected area, activates tissue respiration and basal metabolism. The A-PRF technique promotes formation of new capillaries and collagen fibers, strengthening of osseous tissue, and reduction of the inflammatory process.

The A-PRF therapy allows for:

  • Reduction of tooth mobility;
  • Painless tooth extraction;
  • Acceleration of socket healing after tooth extraction;
  • Elimination of bad breath;
  • Reduction of the implant rejection risk;
  • Acceleration of osseous tissue and oral mucosa regeneration.

Indications for use of A-PRF membranes

Plasmotherapy is used when the following diseases or indications are present:

  • Severe periodontal disease;
  • Pathologic tooth mobility;
  • Alveolitis;
  • Therapy of peri-implantitis;
  • Tooth extraction (to accelerate wound healing);
  • During some surgical interventions (osteosynthesis);
  • Dental implantation;
  • Bone grafting;
  • Sinus floor elevation.

How does it happen?

Before dental manipulations, blood is drawn from the patient’s veinBefore dental manipulations, blood is drawn from the patient’s vein. Then the tube is placed into a centrifuge, with the aid of which the blood is separated into several layers. The obtained plasma clot with the maximum number of thrombocytes and of growth factors is used as the membrane. The preparation does not cause allergy because it contains only the patient’s biomaterial.

Membranes are used for painless tooth extraction, osseous tissue buildup before implantation, and treatment of oral cavity diseases. Dentists also use the injection form of autoplasma (I-PRF) to create bone transplants. The growth factors contained in the preparations enhance the artificial bone’s affinity with the patient’s tissues, preventing rejection.

To learn more about the technology, contact the clinic’s administrator.

The prices for tooth extraction and other manipulations are provided in the Prices section.

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