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Aleksandr Savchenko

Quote used as motto:

“To be happy for other people's happiness – this is the real happiness and the earthly ideal of life for everyone who chooses the medical profession”
(N. Pirogov).

About Aleksandr Savchenko:

Aleksandr Savchenko obtained the profession of a dentist at the Volgograd State Medical University. In 2008 he continued his postgraduate training and started practicing at clinics. In 2011 he studied in clinical residency with a specialization in Orthopaedic Dentistry.

At the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic in Tallinn, Dr. Aleksandr Savchenko works in the following spheres:

  • Dental prosthetics of different types and levels of complexity;
  • Aesthetic and functional dental restoration.

As a highly-qualified dentist and a dedicated doctor, Aleksandr Savchenko understands: the patient’s health and looks depend on him. Therefore he considers the patient’s trust and contentment the most important rewards for his work.

The digital technologies and the scientific research results in the field of modern dental prosthetics come to the doctor’s aid. The dentist uses the CEREC system, the 3D tomograph, and other equipment.

His medical experience, in combination with the possibilities of the precision equipment, allow him to perform dental prosthetics without using cast models and within short periods of time – 1-2 days. Restoration of missing teeth is performed at higher quality standards and with more comfort compared to the traditional approach.

Aleksandr Savchenko is respected by his dentist colleagues and by his patients. He takes a creative approach to his work, constantly improves his skills, and deepens his knowledge. In order to grow professionally, he actively participates in global congresses, and regularly takes training courses. He has an interest in the following subjects: fixed dental prosthetics and implant-borne prosthetics, digital and orthopaedic dentistry.


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