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Quote used as motto:
“One of the conditions for recovery is the desire to recover” (L. A. Seneca Jr.).

Professional experience:since 2002
Education:medicine degree
Specialization:root canal treatment (endodontics)
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Vladimir Volkov got his dentist’s diploma in 2002 at Moscow State Medical Dental University. From 2002 till 2004 he studied in clinical residency with a specialization in Dental Therapy. During that period he began curing patients’ teeth as a dental therapist, practicing at private clinics in Moscow. Since 2007 he has worked in Tallinn.

Dr. Vladimir Volkov is a highly-qualified dentist in the field of treatment and extraction of teeth. He has proved himself especially well in working with complicated and non-standard cases:

  • Redoing dental work;
  • Working with curved and sclerosed (narrowed) root canals;
  • Treatment of hard-to-reach teeth (e.g., a wisdom tooth).

The dentist’s professionalism is complemented with his considerate approach to the patient and with understanding of their fears associated with the therapeutic procedures. Therefore Dr. Volkov employs the up-to-date methods of dental treatment and root canal filling:

  • He plans canal treatment with the aid of 3D computer tomography.
  • He uses a microscope to enhance the precision of endodontic treatment.
  • He works with the up-to-date rotating instruments, which make it possible to get rid of different infections in the root canals.

Vladimir Volkov regularly participates in specialized briefings and conferences, in exchange of experience programs. The main themes are associated with root canal treatment (endodontics). For today, the dentist has a number of certificates from the authoritative Estonian Dental Association, the Workshop of Smiles creator-owned clinic, the University of Jerusalem.

Meia Allegranza

rating 5

Visiting from Topsham, Exeter.
Root canal filling. Great service!



rating 5

Many thanks to the wonderful company represented by Dr. Igor Tkachenko and Dr. Vladimir Volkov, and Yulechka, of course, for the great work she’s done. Thank you very much for the comfortable life!!!



rating 5

Excellent clinic, wonderful staff. Very pleased with the work of Dr. Volkov and Savchenko. Great communication!


Tatjana Solovjova

rating 5

I’m grateful to the clinic’s staff for the high-quality service. The personnel is always friendly, and the service is high-quality and prompt. I’d like to express my gratitude individually to Dr. Tkachenko for the wonderful implant and to Dr. Volkov for his gentle attitude.


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