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The dental services provided by the Meerhof Dental Kliinik clinic are a complex of quick and effective solutions for the patient. We treat all the known dental diseases: caries, periodontosis, gingivitis, pulpitis, and so on. We take on complicated cases, we can restore the dental arch with retention of beautiful look and comfort. If you want to get a consultation or to undergo diagnostics, please fill in the request form, and we’ll contact you!

Professional oral cavity care is a complex of hygienic procedures involving mechanical removal of plaque and pigment from tooth surfaces, and also removal of calculus from the subgingival space. At Meerhof Dental Kliinik, these manipulations are performed by a skilled hygienist who will also advise you on everyday rules of caring for your teeth and oral cavity.

Types of hygienic procedures

Professional oral cavity care
Through daily brushing cannot completely remove bacterial plaque and food debris that are “hiding” under the gums or between the teeth. Therefore dentists recommend undergoing the procedure of professional oral cavity hygiene twice a year, and for smokers, three times a year. This is especially important for patients with implants or other types of dental protheses.

Meerhof Dental Kliinik offers the following variants of hygienic procedures:

Professional dental hygiene: the stages of carrying out

The hygienist thoroughly examines the patient’s oral cavity and develops the plan of procedures together with them. If a treatment is needed, the dentists with the required specialization will join the process. After that, the stage-by-stage cleaning of teeth from calculus and pigment is done. If the patient has a low pain threshold, local anaesthesia will be used.

The procedure itself is done in one dentist appointment. For the beginning, the visible tooth surfaces are treated with an ultrasound scaler: the hard and soft deposits are removed this way. The enamel is not damaged during the manipulation because the plaque is peeled off it carefully. After that, the specialist removes calculus from the subgingival pockets. For this procedure, hand instruments (abrasors) and/or an US scaler are used.

If there is pigment on the crown surfaces, a complex approach is used: first the teeth are treated with ultrasound, and then with the AirFlow apparatus. This device generates a jet stream of fine-particle aerosol with soda (sodium bicarbonate).

The next stage of professional oral cavity hygiene is enamel polishing. For this purpose, special brushes, pastes, and strippers are used.

The finishing touch is to cover the enamel with fluorine-containing lacquer. This substance protects the tooth crown from the negative effect of physical and chemical factors, and eliminates the high sensitivity of the treated teeth.

You should remember: high-quality tooth care provides for a beautiful shining smile, excellent state of health, and self-confidence!