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The credit for the dazzling, stunning smiles, which the Hollywood stars have a reputation for, goes to the highly skilled dentists and the technologies for making specialized dental plates (veneers). This is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable. Transforming your smile is an affordable pleasure. Welcome to Meerhof Dental Kliinik to have your dream come true – to gain pearly white, straight teeth. Dr. Aleksandr Savchenko is at your disposal.


Veneers are ultrathin plates fixed on the tooth’s frontal or masticatory surface to correct its color, shape, or size.

This manipulation is considered one of the minimally invasive restoration types helping obtain long-term results with minimum tooth preparation.

The many years of experience that our restoration specialist Dr. Savchenko has, and the recent research in the field of aesthetic dentistry, prove that smile reconstruction with the aid of veneers gives a long-term and predictable result.


Digital dentistry makes it possible to install veneers in 1 appointment with a dentist. For this purpose, a computer program is used. An ideal prototype of the onlay is created in it, which is then manufactured in the milling unit.

Computer-aided accuracy and application of state-of-the-art techniques make it possible to do without the impression procedure. All the manipulations are performed under anesthesia to eliminate the discomfort.

When the changes in tooth color and shape are insignificant, the correction is performed using super-thin plates, lumineers. They are 3 times as thin as the conventional veneers, which allows for practically avoiding of grinding away the healthy tissues of the patient’s teeth. According to scientific investigations, the longevity of veneers lasts for 10 years.

Is it your long-nurtured dream to smile freely and widely, without having to think about the condition of your teeth? Are you thrilled with the Hollywood stars’ beautiful smiles? For the information on how much it is to have veneers installed, please see the Prices section.

Indications for ceramic veneer installation:

  • Ragged teeth;
  • Chipping or wedge-shaped defects;
  • Darkening of permanent fillings;
  • Stains or cracks of enamel;
  • Diagnose of fluorosis;
  • Tooth enamel discoloration after treatment with tetracycline antibiotics.

Veneers: contraindications

There is a number of conditions and pathologies of the oral cavity when installation of dental onlays is undesirable and even prohibited:
  • Caries: you can proceed to tooth aesthetics only after it has been treated;
  • Loosening of teeth;
  • Thin or uneven enamel layer;
  • Bruxism;
  • Pathologies of occlusion;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Parodontosis.


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